JBL GX602 6-1/2

JBL GX602 6-1/2" 180W 2-Way Speaker System + Free Ballistic SDHP-SK Sound Dampening System (BUNDLE PACKAGE)

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JBL S2-1024SS Ported enclosure with One 10" S2-1024 subwoofer

JBL GX602 6-1/2" 180W 2-Way Speaker System + Free Ballistic SDHP-SK Sound Dampening System (BUNDLE PACKAGE)

Heads are going to turn when they hear the sound that pumps through the JBL GX Series speakers. But get in and “whoa!” they look incredible. Designed to fit most factory specs, the GX series flaunt a new HARMAN-proprietary tweeter deflector, they’re individually voiced, and have three-ohm voice coils for optimal power distribution. Add Plus One™ woofer cones, edge-driven soft dome tweeters and an ogle-worthy design, and you’ve got a speaker that does much more than deliver killer sound.
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Metra Ballistic SDHP-SK Speaker Kit

Metra Ballistic SDHP-SK Speaker Kit WITH PURCHASE

Get a Metra Ballistic SDHP-SK Speaker Kit with your purchase.

Ballistic sound dampening material is an elastomeric butyl and aluminum layered vibration dampener that conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard surfaces.

Ballistic greatly reinforces the interior of the Door, Floor, or Trunk and reduces vibrations and road noise

Properly applied Ballistic will even help prolong your speakers life by diminishing exposure to moisture and helping to stabilize tempters

Relatively odor free, designed to eliminate the smell issue without sacrificing effectiveness.

Perma Stick allows Ballistic to adhere to almost any surface. The better your sound dampening material adheres the more effective it will be.


Plus One™ Woofer Cones

Harman’s patented (US patent #7,548,631) Plus One™ polypropylene cones provide more overall speaker-cone area than other cones in its class — the result is higher sensitivity, increased low-frequency output and greater musical character.

Edge-Driven Soft Dome Tweeter

Soft dome tweeters deliver a smooth high-frequency response and an increased power handling for highs and mids, which equates to more lifelike sound from vocals, cymbals, brass instruments and pianos.

True 4 Ohm Technology

Low-Impedance, three ohm voice coils compensate for the undergauged speaker wiring found in many of today's cars, and make the most of every watt your amplifier or head unit can deliver.

Frequency Response Up to 21kHz

Hear what you’ve been missing — the JBL GX Series offers a frequency response that delivers the full-range response associated with exceptional sound.

Individually Voiced

For most brands, off-the-shelf speakers and a cursory approval of frequency response curves are good enough. That’s not the case with JBL. We don’t only listen to our speakers against the competition — we voice them against each other to ensure each line has the consistent JBL sound signature that’s known and sought out by those who care about their audio. This is just part of an extensive development process undertaken by some of the best transducer engineers in the world to provide the finest listening experience at any price point.

JBL-Proprietary Tweeter Deflector

Acting as a waveguide, the tweeter deflector allows for an angled, rotating speaker, which optimizes the off-axis sound performance. Because all cars are designed differently, this allows impeccable sound to travel throughout all locations in the cabin.

Affordable Pricing

The JBL GX Series are all designed to give audio enthusiasts more boom for the buck — while they maintain a conservative price point, there is never a compromise in sound.

OEM-Level Reliability Testing

JBL tests every speaker design to the same rigid specifications as the automakers, subjecting them to extreme conditions that would break lesser speakers. We freeze them, bake them, shake them, blast them with ultraviolet light and drive them at full power for days to make sure your audio investment lasts for years.

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UPC Code: 050036322300
Brands JBL
Color Black
Speaker Size 6 1/2"
Speaker Type 2-Way Speakers
Max RMS Power Over 75
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