Infinity Primus PS312 12-Inch 400-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Infinity Primus PS312 12-Inch 400-Watt Powered Subwoofer

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Infinity Primus PS312 12-Inch 400-Watt Powered Subwoofer

The Infinity Primus® Series – Where Infinity sound begins. Prepare to raise your expectations. Experience home entertainment at a new level of clarity and realism. From unobtrusive bookshelf systems to dazzlingly powerful home theaters, there’s an Infinity Primus® system that’s right for every purpose and room in your home.

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Prepare to raise your expectations. Experience home entertainment at a new level of clarity and realism. From unobtrusive bookshelf systems to dazzlingly powerful home theaters, there's an Infinity Primus system that's right for every purpose and room in your home.

Let's be honest - there's not a whole lot to a home subwoofer. It's one big speaker that likes to get loud and shake pictures off the wall. So what separates a good sub from the not-so-good? It's more than power: Give anything enough juice and it will get loud. The secret to a good powered subwoofer is its accuracy and clarity. We should know. We invented the powered subwoofer in 1968. We've come a long way since then. With the Infinity Primus PS312BK's Metal Matrix Diaphragm technology and low resonance enclosures, it possesses excellent transient frequency response - agile and sharp - and music is clean and movies rumble. Hear music the way it was meant to be heard, and experience a film score like never before, without the speaker changing or altering the sound - precisely as it should be. With its superb linear frequency response you can fill any room with sound you can feel. Got an older system? Bring it to life with an Infinity Primus PS312BK subwoofer. Give your system a soul - just make sure you've secured your pictures to the wall first.

  • Single 12" (300mm) MMD driver
  • 25Hz - 150Hz frequency range
  • 400 watts RMS
  • 700 watts peak
  • 50Hz - 150Hz 24dB/octave continuously variable
  • Five-way binding posts
  • Legendary Infinity engineering - speaker components seamlessly work together as an integrated system
  • Extremely low resonance enclosures - hear music exactly as it was recorded
  • Precision crossover networks
  • Patented MMD transducers significantly improve cone performance, providing ideal rigidity and resistance to precision sound
    across the entire spectrum
The PS312's MMD woofer is able to deliver high output and deep bass.

Music and Movies as they were meant to be heard.

Patented MMD transducer technology improves sonic accuracy

Derived from our patented CMMD technology, the Metal Matrix Diaphragm (MMD) approach continues the Infinity tradition of using advanced materials to improve sonic accuracy. These diaphragms are much stiffer than standard metal ones - by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core, we're able to significantly improve cone performance and outperform cones made of paper, polypropylene or Kevlar material.

The patented MMD material's sandwich design makes the driver incredibly strong and lightweight. 

By virtue of its extreme rigidity and resistance to resonance, the MMD material is far more than just another diaphragm substance. It is an ideal diaphragm material for the ultimate listening experience. Sound propagates at a higher velocity in metals than in materials such as polymers and papers. Sound will travel through MMD material nearly twice as fast as it will through any other cone material - thus, moving unwanted resonances outside the audible range.

Powerful amplification delivers high output and low frequency extension

What we hear and feel as bass during your favorite action movie is actually the movement of air. The PS312BK really gets the air moving with an incredibly powerful 400-watt amplifier for high output and deep low frequency extension. While moving lots of air is great for those explosions and car chase scenes in movies, you also want an amplifier that is both accurate and efficient to deliver those more subtle bass notes that might come from your favorite musical track. Good thing that the PS312BK's amplifier is both powerful and audiophile enough to excel at both.

A 400-watt, audiophile quality amplifier is poweful enough for even the most demanding systems
Low-Resonance enclosures do not change or alter the sound

A great sounding loudspeaker should play just what it's told to without changing or altering the sound. One way that a poorly designed loudspeaker can change the sound is when the enclosure resonates or vibrates. Resonance can change a speaker's overall tonal balance and totally alter the sound of the recording that it plays. To eliminate any enclosure resonance from the PS312BK powered subwoofer, Infinity engineers the enclosure using pinpoint internal bracing that increases rigidity so it does not vibrate or resonate. Bass sounds tight and deep with out being muddy or boomy. Plus there's the added advantage of a sleek, narrow enclosure that's at home in nearly any room decor.

Superior Infinity engineering delivers sound perfection

The Infinity Primus PS312BK's speaker drivers, baffles, cabinets and waveguides are designed to work seamlessly together as an integrated system - fitting together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It begins with our ultra-precise transducers - the beating heart of the Primus PS312BK. MMD technology doesn't change, color or distort audio signal sound the way diaphragms made of other materials do. This combines with the Primus speaker's low resonance enclosures to compound the precision qualities of the transducer, further eliminating mechanical distortion.

Infinity - Legendary reputation. Uncompromising craftsmanship and sound.

With the Infinity Primus PS312BK, you not only experience the cutting edge in high-performance transducer technology and sound reproduction, you experience the cutting edge from the makers of Infinity products - some of the world's most innovative, high-quality audio equipment. The road to the Infinity Primus Series is a road lined with dozens of audio milestones: The Infinity Servo Statik 1a - the world's first powered subwoofer. The EMIT (Electromagnetic Induction Tweeter) device. The revolutionary IRS speaker - the world's first "reference" loudspeaker. The Prelude MTS speaker - the world's first powered tower speaker. Since 1968, innovative Infinity technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques have advanced the science of sound, and have set new standards in loudspeaker technology and performance. Infinity Primus Series speakers benefit from every Infinity innovation that has come before. This is where Infinity sound begins, and it's well within your reach.

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UPC Code: 050667368388
MPN Code: Infinity-PS312
Brands Infinity
Color Black
Woofer Size 12"
Wireless? No
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